The ReMInDeRY is a resource for interactive demonstrations to help communicate key concepts related to the scientific method. It includes  online demonstrations that introduce students to key concepts using the R statistical programming language. In addition, a set of in-class demonstrations for course instructors is also provided.

The online demonstrations in R were created by Dr. Raymond Mar using the learnr package. Please direct any suggestions or corrections to his e-mail. Dr. Mar is a professor of psychology at York University who teaches research methods at the undergraduate and graduate level, and his lab conducts research on reading and mass media. He is an author on the textbook, Methods in Behavioural Research, 3rd Canadian edition (McGraw-Hill Education).

The in-class demonstrations were compiled and tweaked by Dr. Mike Pettit. These demonstration are currently accessible to York faculty, but outside instructors may e-mail Dr. Pettit for access. Dr. Pettit is also a professor of psychology at York University, who also teaches research methods to undergraduates. Along with Dr. Christopher Green, he runs the Digital History of Psychology Laboratory (the PsyBorgs Lab).